Junk Removal

Have a bunch of clutter to get rid of?

Call or text us now (801)999-0694 to schedule an appointment and we'll send a 2 person crew to collect your junk and make your life clutter free!


At the Clutter Collectors, we pride ourselves in removing your junk fast, in the most cost effective way. We strive to recycle and reuse over 90% of the junk collected.


It doesn't matter what type of junk, we collect it all. From tires, to trees, to appliances. We'll even load and haul away junk no matter the location, whether it be in a storage unit, garage, barn, or house. We strive to make lives as clutter free as possible to get rid of that feeling of being overwhelmed with junk.



Minimum Charge of $80. Call or text us and send an image of your junk/clutter and we'll give you a free quote.


Items we accept


We accept basically everything other than radioactive/nuclear waste. We have done a variety of pick-ups. Need a trailer gone? No worries, we can haul it away! Have a garage full of junk, we got you covered! Is that old tree bothering you, we'll remove that too!


Certain materials have a disposal cost. These items are listed in the table below:


Material Cost
Tires $2 per tire (landfill cost)
Hazardous Waste (i.e. paint cans) $3
TVs and Monitors $5
Refrigerants $5