Cleanouts, Estate Value Offsets, and Estate Sales

Cleanout services are white glove, hands-free services for our clients, we help the client simply keep what means the most to them from an estate and our team will handle the rest. Our process of disposal and removal rely on eco-friendly and sustainable methods first such as resale, rehome, reuse, and reducing overall waste. Quick removal of the remainder of what you have to your desired level of satisfaction from the premise, typically "broom-clean". We can provide service at either a fixed rate or, depending on quality of the estate items, provide an exchange/offset for some or all of the estate items, reducing your overall cost of removal.

A traditional estate sale could also be run at your premise, where you have the opportunity to retain some value for most of your property or save on disposal costs prior to the cleanout. We take the time to lend our years of experience in the second hand market to give you reasonable expectations for particular items in your local market.

Busy Estate Sale
Buyout Cash Offers

Buyouts, Liquidations, and Giving

What makes us truly unique is that we understand that things can be hectic and you might not be able to take the time to have an estate sale or pay for potentially costly disposal fees of items. We are The Clutter Collectors after all, and we will offer you fair compensation for some or all of your estate items in a full or partial buyout situation. This is often used to offset other service fees.

Labor costs that are offset during a full clean out are in exchange for goods that we reasonably think that we could quickly resell to gain value elsewhere. Partial buyouts of estate items occur where we pay you! Typically we pay per carload/truckload or for your entire estate based on percieved quality and accessibility of goods for removal.

Liquidation events occur where we conduct a fire sale or giveaway of your items, either on-site or off-site to simply get them gone without having to spend money on disposal or higher cost service fees. Occasionally, we can use this service to facilitate donations and giving as well!

High Value Guided Service

Offering a guided selection of services tailored to your needs of time, speed, and retained value within your estate or cleanout.

We first perform an onsite walkthrough of your estate to provide general guidance on the best path forward for you to maximize your retained value, or limit your expenditures.

After the initial walkthrough we consult with the client what optional services are feasible for their needs and provide top notch service to the client with respect to their circumstances.

Service Areas

We are the Clutter Collectors! We provide our services to clients in the Southern New England area.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Counties serviced: Bristol & Plymouth

Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations

Rhode Island

Counties serviced: Providence, Bristol, Newport